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Vintage NBA Boston Celtics Clothing

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Shoutout to my guy @TheBostonBrit on Twitter for this short piece on the Celtics franchise history. Go follow him!


The Boston Brit (Celtics UK)

The Boston Celtics (Celts, C’s, Beantown) were founded on June 6th 1946 by the Boston Garden-Arena Corporation and have resided in Boston up to this present day. more...

A franchise with a rich history of NBA talent and with 17 Championships it made them the most successful franchise in history. The C’s hold the record for the most consecutive championships with 8 and also the most retired jersey numbers (23) in the league, with the last being NBA champion, all star and Hall of Fame inductee Kevin “The Big Ticket” Garnett.

The period between 1956-1969 were the Celtics most prolific in regards to championships and NBA Legends, one notifiable being the hiring of coach Red Auerbach who lead the Celtics to 9 of their 17 championships as a player and 7 as executive. Red brought in now Celtics legends Bill Russell (13 seasons, 11 championships), Bob Cousy (13 seasons, 6 Championships), Tommy Heinsohn (10 seasons, 8 championships + 2 championships as a coach) and Sam Jones (12 seasons, 10 championships)

The Era between 1970-1986 saw the Celtics collect a further 5 championships. This period saw many greats but one stood out for the Celtics. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time for his unflappable confidence and clutch shooting ability and that is Larry Bird (Larry Legend). Larry won 3 championships amongst a catalog of other awards with the Celtics and had was also known to have a fierce rivalry with Magic Johnson who played for Boston’s rivals the LA Lakers.

The last winning season for the C’s was in 2008 which saw them beat the LA Lakers 4-2 in the finals. This saw the last notable big 3 in Boston, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen help the Celtics bring home banner 17.

The present day Celts see young NBA all star Jayson Tatum lead the team to try to capture banner 18, which no team in the NBA other than the LA Lakers (17) are close to reaching.

The Celtics are an organisation that holds tradition, history and family values paramount. ...less